Event Pricing

Pre-Wedding Events, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Communions, Batmitzvahs, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Bachelor Parties & more!

Event Pricing Includes:

  • unlimited high resolution photos

  • Basic Editing on ALL photos, Creative editing on select photos chosen by photographer

  • Images delivered back online within 21-32 business days

  • All events require a $100 deposit to secure your date (EMT to tintaleephotography@gmail.com)

  • After placing a deposit, an invoice will be sent to you before the event with details & inclusions for you to check & confirm

Photography by Owner: Reshma A.



  • The first hour costs $150 + any applicable fees (location or travel etc.)

  • Any additional hours will be less than $150/hour depending on the various details of your event

  • The more consecutive hours you book, the better rate we can provide. Please fill out our Quote Request form for an exact estimate!



Brampton/Mississauga: +$0/travel hour

Other GTA cities: +$10/travel hour

Hall: +$30 flat

Community Centre/POW: +$15 flat

House: +$0

Outdoors: +$10/hour



If your event will be hosting over 100 guests, add +$10/hour



Starts at $75/hour

Is the pricing too steep? Sometimes it happens that you simply cannot justify forking out too much for photos. We understand that events require food, music, decor, organized games, cake/desserts and entertainment - all of which are costly! (By the way have you checked out our handy Vendors List?)

The Owner of Tintalee Photography has been training select interns for months (or even years) and they have flourished into second shooters. You can now hire an intern for your event, provided one is available.

The understood “risk” to this is that they are still in training and therefore do not posses the same equipment the Owner has, nor the years of experience. Regardless, they still take great pictures, and the Owner does ALL of the editing.

Please fill out our Quote Request Form and indicate that you are open to having an intern shoot!

Have you met our interns? Check them out!


What are your overtime charges?

  • Overtime charges can vary, but you can estimate that they’ll be calculated at your regular rate +$20/hour

There’s a break in between venue changes / I don’t need you taking pics during dinner - do we have to pay you for that?

IMPORTANT: A scheduled break is defined as a scheduled period of time, more than 30 minutes, that we will NOT be required to be shooting AT ALL. It is a literal BREAK for all intensive purposes and should be treated as such, just as you would at a regular job.

  • If the break is disclosed before your invoice is created, and the break is 30 minutes or more, we consider that when giving you your hourly rate.

  • Keep in mind that Tintalee Photography has shot over 100 events and they seldom run 100% on time. Chances are high that you will end up needing some of our break time to take photos. If this happens, you will be required to pay OVERTIME charges (which will be disclosed on your invoice). The lesson here is that sometimes it’s cheaper to just book us without breaks and go with the flow.

I booked you with breaks disclosed, but now I’m not so sure if you’ll get the break. Is there any way around this, I don’t want to pay Overtime Fees!

  • You can pay a FLEX fee which covers ANY additional overtime incurred within break times. The FLEX fee will always be cheaper than our regular OVERTIME charges. the FLEX fee will be the cheapest when you make your booking, and it will rise as your event gets closer.

I booked you from 3:00pm-6:00pm, but I need you until 7pm! What do I do?

  • If you know before your event date that you’ll need an extra hour, please let us know and we will give you a rate similar to the one you already have. (Typically calculated at your Regular rate +$10/hour)

  • If on the date of the event you require an extra hour, you will be required to pay the OVERTIME charges which will have been disclosed to you on your invoice. (Typically calculated at your regular rate +$20/hour.)