How do they do it?

Sometimes I feel boredom that engulfs my every pore. Other days, I think there is absolutely ZERO time for me to accomplish everything I want to do. I want to update my website, I want to update my camera lenses, I want to cook that new thing I saw on FB, I want to clean up the spare room, I want to start recording a song, I want to learn a new editing technique, I want to buy a video stabilizer, I want to learn how to edit videos... the list goes on. I want to do SO many things and I have no time. I get home after an hour long drive from my regular day job and I end up sitting on the couch tired - enjoying what's left of the day with my partner and best friend. It's hardly anything to complain about, my life is great. Sometimes I'll leave the couch to edit photos, but I also want time to myself as well to unravel.

How do people balance their time? Doesn't it take time... to balance your time? I don't have TIME to balance my time. And don't even get me started on kids! I recently told a client that parents are superheroes as far as I'm concerned. If I feel like I have no time, I can't imagine what they must feel like - having to be in charge of a whole other human, sometimes more than one! I'm 29 this year and I don't feel like it at all. At most, I'm mentally 23-25. Physically my exterior looks like 20-21 (I've been told), and internally I'm probably 67 with the amount of hot dogs and bacon I eat. 

Anyways - tomorrow is Friday. Let's just think about that.